Tuesday, October 13, 2009

some recent work

I normally don't upload any paintings before they are published, but this time I'll show you some previews of the paintings for the forthcoming Catalan Winter Bird Atlas. I will be the only illustrator for this book that will be published next year with nearly 250 paintings. All of them are painted using a digital tablet.

Little Bustard

Great Skua

White Stork



  1. Un motiu més per esperar amb impaciència el nou atles d'hivernants, les fantàstiques il.lustracions!!
    Salutacions des de l'Albera!!

  2. Gràcies pel comentari Albert! Espero poder mantenir el nivell amb totes les espècies! :-)

  3. Com els meus pares vegin aixó et contractaràn d'ilustrador per fotre dibuixos a casa!
    Una meravella Martí!

    Fins aviat!

  4. Fantastic work. I would love to see larger images of these works so that I can see how you are achieving such magic!

  5. Thank you 'digdeep'!
    This book has not been published yet and I wanted to keep the paintings for when it is released. It will be released next april or may, so I might post some larger images by then.
    Thank you very much for your nice words. Always encouraging!