Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finland & North Norway: Sketchbook in Surfbirds

Finally today my sketchbook on Finland and Norway was online. You can read the text and see the sketches in Surfbirds.com or here.

You can also see the sketches here:

Gyr Falcons
Brünnich's Guillemots

Steller's Eider
Arctic Terns
From top to bottom: two Kittiwakes, a Common Gull, a Baltic Gull and three other gulls flying

Great Spotted Woodpecker


  1. I've done that trip twice! And I'm going back next year.
    Your studies of the birds are excellent. You've got a great future as a bird artist!


  2. Great sketches once again Marti!
    I particularly admire your attention to detail and proportions.
    I've never seen before a young artist like you with such a development within last couple of years.
    You must feel lucky to live in a country like Spain with so many inspirations around!!

    My compliments


  3. Eres un crack Martí!

    Vaya dibujos!!! Vi también las pinturas de tu blog en catalán y me encantaron todas, especialmente la del pico menor. Tremenda!!!

    Cosme Damián